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Full Moon Chart and Group Meditation Dates for 2015

This will update the group meditation dates posted on the page, for year 2015.  If you can’t participate physically to a group near you, please join, in thought, with all the meditating units worldwide, as an act of service to humanity and The Christ.  The Three Major Spiritual Festivals are marked in red:  Easter (April 4), Wesak (May 3-4), and World Invocation Day (June 2).




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  1. «The steps of a Man’s Ascent»
    A Corresponding Member of the International Association of the Complementary Medicine
    Marina Klyuchnikova invites
    The Programme:
    7th of June. Arrival. Transfer to Netanya. Mystery «The Eternity of Solar Water Solaris ». (Overnight in the hotel, supper)
    8th of June. Keysariya is a magnificent capital of Herod the Great: mystery «The Matrix of the first sound in the true time»;
    Haifa – the Bahai Gardens, the Carmelites’ monastery: mystery «A man is a temple of the single cathedral soul» ,
    the mountain Tavor is a place of meeting of Jesus with the apostles after the Resurrection: mystery «Time is an art of Sky-Earth» (Overnight in the hotel)
    9th of June. Nazareth. Basilica of the God’s Holy Mother Annunciation: mystery «the Pegion of Toll»;
    Tsfat – the mountain Meron is a place of Kabbalah, artists and sages: mystery «Rainbow capsules of the New Consciousness»; the Tiberius Sea is a legendary Biblical place: mystery «The Life balance or the Beauty of Living Stream equillibrium» (Overnight in the hotel)
    10th of June. The Golan: the Rafaimovs’ rings is an – Universal observatory of the mysterious civilization: mystery «Spirals of the Eternity» The Banias –waterfalls, the sources of the Jordan:
    Tveriya – Yardenit is a tourists’ place of Baptism’s ritual: mystery «Jordan’s waters – acquisition of the soul sound Resurrection». Jerusalem (Overnight in the hotel)
    11th of June. Jerusalem. The Antique town: the Temple Mount, the Temple of the God’s Sepulcher, the Golgotha, the Roman era town, the Wailing Wall. mystery «The Eternity Light on the dome of the Universe»;
    The Judaic desert: George Khozevit’s monastery: one of the oldest monasteries in the world. mystery «Genetic memory about higher dimensions of the Earth»;
    the Dead sea is a unique place for the healing qualities of its minerals. (Return to Jerusalem, overnight in the hotel)
    12th of June. Abu Gosh – the Virgin Maria’s monastery and the Ark of the Covenant. Mystery «Agni’s white rose – the universal consciousness of the solar race» Delivery of the certificates to the participants. Transfer to the airport.
    A price of the tour is $1200
    The price includes: transfer from the airport and to the airport, participation in twelve mysteries of the First expedition , convenient, comfortable hotels including breakfast and supper, all the internal transfers, the guide’s support, entrance to sightseeing. The price does not include flight, medical insurance, nutrition during excursions and transfers.
    *It is necessary to have tourists’ clothes and shoes
    **Slight changes may take place in the programme
    Ra-Shiba expedition is an exclusive tour, a unique country. ; , +7 926 527 0974; +972 544693679; + 972 542177712;

  2. Editors note on the above posted tour:

    Light Net is not the organizer of this tour and doesn’t have first hand experience on the quality and processes of their group’s services so we cannot fully vouch the authenticity of their claims, value, and safety.

    Based on their video, the tour looks educational, experiential, and fun-filled. We might join too in the future so we can try it for ourselves.

    It also appears that we can resonate with some of their group’s philosophical framework pertaining to Christian gnosticism and the Qabalah. We welcome the online fellowship and solidarity.

    We wish your group’s success in this tour and Blessings of Light be to all the participants!

    (This is not a paid ad and we don’t get any financial returns for this.)

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